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Storm Products Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance bowling equipment, featuring the Storm and Roto Grip brands. In their bid to grow the sport of bowling, they have become a leading equipment provider to recreational/amateurs alike as well as sponsor to professional bowlers around the globe and on the Professional Bowlers Tour (PBA).

The Problem

Storm Products approached Dot Com Development to with an idea to utilize mobility to help make it easier for amateur and recreational bowlers to custom fit balls for better performance in the game. The concept included a mobile application that would allow bowlers to input their unique

characteristics into the app, and then utilizing complex algorithms created by the Storm Product Development Physicists the app would calculate the custom fit settings that the user could take to his local pro shop for proper fitting and drilling of the custom fit balls.

We need an app to help make it easier for recreational bowlers to get custom fit for higher performing and enjoyable games of bowling.
Project info
Strom Bowling Products
Solution Type
Hybrid Mobile Application
Xamarin, SQLite, .NET C#, Unified API, XML, JSON, Apple CocoaTouch SDK, Android SDK
The Challenges
Complex Formulas
The requirements we received from Storm included a large set of complex calculations relative to bowler statistics, reaction characteristics, lane conditions, and ball stats. These factors needed to be analyzed and translated to function with proper result sets so relative to the various flows that he application would require.
Data Management
The Storm team needed the ability to collect and manage all user defined measurement data in a centralized repository for careful analysis. Thus, the app needed the ability to offload user saved measurement data anytime a new data set was created or re-saved and transmitted when the user was within a network connection.
The Solution

Our collaborative agile approach to the project provided opportunities for careful analysis, clarification, and validation of formula translations. Rapid prototyping provided clear navigational and user flow understanding within the mobile app.

Agile Methodology
Project Management
Formula Analysis
Functional Analysis

Xamarin was chosen for the technology architecture to meet budgetary constraints. Managing a single code base saved 35% on development costs yet still providing Storm the ability to publish to both Android and iOS marketplaces.

Development & Testing

Algorithm implementation and data set QA testing/validation was critical to the success of the app. In addition, API and web services were written to offload user data specs from the users’ phone local storage to the Storm Products data repositories.

Xamarin Development
API and Web Services
Algorithm Implementation
QA and Validation
The Results

In choosing Dot Com Development as their development partner,  Storm Products is now able to present additional value to its customers with:

  • Dual Marketplace Mobile Application at a 35% cost savings
    The app is built on the Xamarin technology framework and manages a single code base for a 35% cost savings. Even with the single code base, the app is able to be distributed to both the iOS and Android marketplaces.
  • Data extraction / storage / analysis
    Storm Products now has the capability to receive and analyze amateur and recreational bowler fitting specifications top help them with product development of their future line of bowling balls better suited for these 2 classes of bowlers.
  • User Engagement / Business Growth
    The mobile application provides Storm Products with the ability to engage their customers with a technology solution that not only makes bowling more fun. The app will engage users in a way that sustains customer focus on the Storm line of bowling balls promoting the Storm brand and purchases of other Storm products (bags, shoes, clothing and accessories).

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Email us: [email protected] or Call us Toll Free (877) 755-9934