Web Application Project

A new startup founded in 2015, Janitorsite. Llc the goal of the company is to provide an online resource to both employers and job seekers for finding the best cleaning staff and job openings while saving time and money!  Employers will have the potential to reduce H/R time by up to 70%, provide a better Job Seeker/Job match, and reduce Employee turnover. Job seekers will have a on stop portal to locate open job positions in the industry.

The Problem

JanitorSite approached Dot Com Development to deliver a ground up MVP build of an employer/employee matching job portal for the cleaning services industry on a limited startup budget.  The application needed to support a subscription based engagement model for employers and a free engagement model for job seekers.

The application would need to include user access control for free and paid members, payment processing, employer job posting creation, a flexible job search mechanism, skill and job matching algorithms for quick and easy searching capabilities, company directories, and SMS text alert messaging.

Minimal viable product (MVP) job search web portal that will help employers and job seekers locate and fill open job positions in the cleaning industry.
Project info
JanitorSite, Llc
Solution Type
Web Application
Nginx, PHP, Laravel, mySQL, Comodo SSL, jQuery, Google Apps, Google Analytics
The Challenges
Optimized Search
JanitorSite needed to include quick and easy browse and search capabilities for both the job seeker and the employer. The goal was to give the user the capability to either browse or search via a defined set of criteria with the least number of clicks and page to page navigation.
Flexible Revenue Model
A revenue model was introduced during the project that called for technical and administrative flexibility of plan creation, modification and overall management. Stakeholders anticipated that market entry would mandate revenue model flexibility.
Advanced Job Matching
The requirements called for job matching and employer matching algorithms that would help employers find job candidates and job seekers find open job position that matched their skill sets.
User Management & Support
Back end user management capabilities to monitor and support users would be required top ensure user profile and job posting integrity. User support channels would need to me implemented as well.
The Solution
Consulting & Collaboration

While job matching portals are relatively standard in user flows and usable feature sets, careful business analysis was critical to architecting this MVP flagship product for JanitorSite because of its’ many unique factors that were introduced by the stakeholders and board members. During discovery, design and even development, we consulted with the client to provide the best and proven industry standard useability solutions as dictated by users of similar portals that would align with the business side objectives.

Consulting & Collaboration
Technical Analysis
Business Analysis
UI / UX Design

User experience based design was utilized to identify the key factors and design principles that should be used. The user base ranged from working professionals sitting at their desks working on desktops and laptops to physical labor users who were more likely to use their mobile devices. Thus, responsive design support and page layouts accommodated each user profile type relative to the tasks each of those specific users would be executing on the website. In addition desktop / laptop layout and design elements suggested mobile support capabilities.

UX Based Design
Responsive Design
Custom MVP Solution

The MVP solution was a complete ground up build. We engineered a subscription based job portal with job seeker and employer profiles and separate directories, easy browsing and filtering capabilities all from one page,  free keyword based search for even quicker location of job postings and job candidates, resume creation and upload, a messaging platform so employers could easily communicate with candidates they chose to interview, back end user management capabilities, a flexible subscription management module, and a payment processing center with auto payments.

Custom Development
Database Programming
Payments API Integration
The Results

  • Startup company flagship product
    A one stop job portal for hiring employers and job seeking individuals in the janitorial cleaning service industy.
  • Responsive Web Application
    A responsive web application that supports desktop, laptop and mobile phone devices targeting the profiles of potential site users relative to their specific type of site access and activity.
  • Fully customized and feature rich MVP solution meeting budget requirements
    JanitorSite  is jam packed with interactive front end features such as profile creation and management, resume creation, sponsored job postings, easy and quick browse and search functionality backed by extensive multi-criteria result set filtering, site messaging and SMS text messaging, subscription enrollment, and payment processing. The back end includes job seeker profile management, company profile management, flexible subscription management modules, custom reports, and user help desk support.