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Trend Media Group is the Caribbean’s leading digital media sales house. They connect advertisers with the audience they want to speak to in creative and impactful ways leveraging data to help them assign value to customers. In addition to providing innovating advertising solutions, they are publishers of digital content with Loop News and Loop.trade mobile apps.

The Problem

Trend Media approached Dot Com Development to overhaul their flagship enterprise web and mobile based Loop News product that is responsible for delivering digital news media to all 29 markets of their customer base.

Trend Media realized they needed a new platform to better deliver rich media content to their users, as well as one that better managed the back end publishing processes for their content delivery teams for each of their various markets.

Best-in-class custom enterprise web and mobile solutions of rich media news content serving the Caribbean.
Project info
Drupal 8 Development Company
Trend Media Group
Solution Type
Enterprise Web and Mobile Application
Microsoft Azure, Drupal 8, Native Android, Native iOS, JS Libraries, Google Amp, Varnish, Google Analytics, Parse.ly, Outbrain, JW Player, Double Click
The Challenges
The requirements we received were very rather loose. They knew what they wanted at a very high level, but required consulting and guidance towards specific modular solutions that would meet their business objectives. This meant we needed to integrate a tightly coupled business and technical analysis team into a development process to ensure efficient development and on point delivery.
Upgrade and Migrate
Trend decided they wanted to move into the new Drupal 8 platform. Because of the vast differences between D7 and D8, a large migration effort of all content and video would be required. Trend also asked to move away from their current AWS subscription and over to Microsoft Azure. Lastly, a complete UI overhaul was requested to give the site a new look to properly reflect their brand.
CMS Customization
One of the goals of the solution mandated that access control better managed all content creation and publishing from 29 different geographical markets for the main site and its' 8 micro sites. The solution also required customization of back end drag and drop functionality of article and video placements.
Content Delivery
Users of Loop News are spread across different geographies with disparate and lower speed network environments. The apps had to ensure uninterrupted content delivery with a consistent user experience.
Android Mobile App
iPhone Mobile App
The Solution
Collaboration & Communication

Project discovery and collaboration was done 2x per week via GotoMeeting and Skype throughout the entire life of the project to provide for careful discovery, analysis, feasibility, solution presentation and backlog management. Jira was a very useful tool for all project planning activities, tracking and reporting. Coordination between Trend Media and the Dot Com Development team was ensured via both a DCD Account Manager and Project Manager, as well as a Project Manager from both companies.

Project Management
Technical Analysis
Business Analysis
Scrum Development
Technology & Migration

The development plan included a clean install of Drupal 8 multi-site (upgrading from 7). After the upgrade, much of the old site features and functions had to be migrated from AWS to the new server (Azure) and gaps filled to account for the differences between the old version of the CMS and the new version. At the same time a new design overhaul was being completed that provided branding alignment between all sites. Lastly, content migration was completed to bring in all archived content since the start up of the company.

Server Migration
CMS Upgrade and Migration
Custom UI Design
Content Migration
CMS Customization

Custom module build outs and integrations were implemented to accommodate the internal business flows and control publishing to the main and micro-sites. A custom content editor was integrated to allow easier creation of articles all in one place, custom content and media respositories were built for improved management, custom image editors were integrated and page drag and drop functionality was built in for better page control. A full video player framework was integrated for better management and fast delivery of rich video content. And the site was fully optimized with google AMP for faster delivery of all site content.

Database Programming
Custom Modules
API Integration
Site Speed & Optimization
Enterprise Web and Mobile

Trend Media now has a best in class platform for creating, managing and delivering rich media content to and from any one of their news markets. The final solution launched a feature rich responsive Enterprise Web Solution. For consumers of rich media on the web, the web solution supports all major desktop and laptop browsers, tablet devices, and mobile phone browsers. In addition, native iOS and Android Apps were built out and can be downloaded through their respective marketplaces for a complete mobile experience.

Web - Desktop & Laptop
Web - Tablet & Phone
iOS Mobile App
Android Mobile App
The Results

In choosing Dot Com Development as their development partner,  Trend Media has been able to provide the following to both its’ internal staff and client base:

  • Responsive Web Application
    Users are able to experience the site via desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone devices.
  • Native Mobile Applications
    The Loop News Android and iOS mobile apps extend the Loop News experience for those who choose to get their news on the go.
  • Centralized publishing repository of digital news media
    Loop News now stands out among their content editors and publishers as an easy to use centralized publishing repository that manages multiple markets of content from different regions.
  • Streamlined back end publishing platform 
    The highly customized back end has completely streamlined the news media publishing process allows Trend Media  to create, manage and display virtually any type of content for any purpose, including content used across multiple channels, to ensure consistency across the Web, wireless devices, and e-mail. Multiple websites, syndication and content sharing allows publishers and content producers to provide their readership with the news – when, where and how they want it.
  • Higher Traffic / User Engagement / Business Growth
    The flawless combination of design, information architecture, and user engagement methodologies is now helping Trend Media become a major news authority in the eyes of Google and its users. The enterprise solutions is attracting targeted new users, engaging them with rich media content and and growing their member base daily.