New Technology Solution
Game Changers

Technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever and subsequently so is consumer behavior. For instance, mobile device usage now outpaces computers to a high degree. Google has stated that 34% of all purchases are now made from a mobile device. “Near me” searches are also on the rise, having doubled from 2015 to 2016. More people are discovering companies and brands just by starting a search on their phones, and if you aren’t taking advantage of these trends you’re losing out on some serious opportunities.

New Technology for Marketing Game Changers | Dot Com Development

Your clients need a polished, professional image that will get them clicks and dollars. Traditional marketing tactics no longer cut it. Simply having a website and social media pages aren’t enough to compete in this digital world. Your client needs the right new technology for marketing that will help them compete. By having the right technology solutions partner in place, digital agencies can turn brands into powerhouses.

What marketing technology solutions should my company be using?

A well-designed website will have a direct impact on how people perceive you. Conversion rates will be higher when prospective customers visit and have a good impression of your site, while a poorly-designed site is less likely to have a positive effect on your bottom line. Other technology solutions, like apps and capitalizing on trends like wearable technology, are marketing tools in addition to technological solutions meant to have a specific purpose like scheduling a service call or using the end product.

Here are some of the most popular technical services that you should offer your clients as part of specific campaigns or overall marketing strategy.

CRO Website Design:

Your clients need websites that are attractive, easy to use, and SEO-optimized so that people can find your offerings easily. Bringing in organic traffic isn’t enough, though. Sites must also be optimized for conversion rates.  A functional and aesthetically pleasing website that is CRO optimized to lead your visitors through the buying journey will improve your ROI by making it so potential customers don’t become frustrated or drop off.

Mobile App Development:

Mobile users spend an average of 174 minutes on their devices daily. This shouldn’t be ignored. Apps can engage customers by making it easier to use the product or service, offer mobile-specific content, and utilize push notifications to generate sales and/or make usage of beacon technology if your business has a physical location. As web usage is beginning to take on a “mobile-first” approach in that more people are using phones and tablets than desktop computers today, every consumer based business should think about developing an app. Those that don’t develop apps will not be able to compete with app-based stores.

E-commerce Solutions:

Your need to get paid for their products and services. Having the security that they will receive all money that is due, showing customers that their payment information will be kept secure, sales tax and VAT collection, as well as ensuring that refunds will be processed seamlessly are among the concerns that your clients will have regarding their e-commerce needs.

Trending Technology:

Whether they’re fads or devices, capitalizing on trending technology is a smart marketing move. Giving your business app functionality with the Apple Watch or other wearables can be a novel form of branding that their competition isn’t taking on.

The Internet of Things (IoT):

This is another new technology for marketing aspect to pay attention to, given the rise of “smart” devices. If you’re a realtor whose competition gives out magnets and keychains, imagine the advantage you will have by offering wifi-enabled smart keychains that tell their leads where their keys are. Associating that kind of helpfulness with your brand can make the difference between no sale or several.

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