5 Reasons You Need a Mobile App for Your Business

Businesses owners can be hesitant to build mobile apps. In fact, according to a 2016 survey, less than a quarter of small businesses have a mobil app. Building a mobil app for your business may seem impractical because of the expense and the investment of time, but there are  solid reasons to consider it–even for small businesses.

Mobil app for your business- Dot Com Development

1. People love their phones

You hardly need a scientific study to conclude that people are on their smartphones all of the time. A Gallup poll found that more than half of smartphone users check their phones more than once an hour. In fact, 11 percent of respondents said they check it every few minutes. Having an app can help you reach customers on a platform that they look at consistently; and more often than any other platform.

According to a comScore study, consumers have been accessing digital content on their phones more often than on their computers since 2014. If they are going to be on their phones anyway, it makes sense develop an app. Users can then engage with your business in a profitable and pleasing way that benefits both business and the customer.

2. Increase your sales

When considering some of the benefits of having a mobile app for your business, the potential for profit is everywhere. Does your competitor have an app? With a new mobile app for your business, you may have features that will become a unique selling point. If not, the convenience of  (USP) for your business. Customers may find it easier to download your app, returning to it often, rather than logging onto a competitors website.

Apps are also great for collecting information about your customers—where they use your product, what things they click on in the app, and more. All of this information can help as you improve your website, app, and business offerings, boosting profitability.

3. Improve customer experience

Conveniences that can be built into your app include personalization and easy access to payment options. With a good app, you can impress and assist your customers in a way that will keep them coming back. This can lead to more sales over time.

You can even incorporate loyalty rewards into your app—“Every tenth burrito is free!” Apps can also make it easier for customers to contact your business. Whether it’s for advice, to make a reservation, or for any other pressing need. an app can even make it easier to circulate and deliver coupons. Whatever the business, an app should improve customer experience.

One example is an app Dot Com Development created for Storm Pro Shop. The app analyzes user-submitted information and  recommends bowling equipment tailored to the user’s needs. The app helps the user improve their game and for a user it marries improvement with the brand image; an app that provides a good experience and encouraging sales.

4. Build brand recognition

Apps that are built right can help increase name recognition in simple ways. Even that little square icon representing your app will start to build brand loyalty, bit by bit, as you get it onto the App Store and Google Play. Advertising the capability to download that app on your website and in your brick and mortar locations (if you have them) will slowly improve your name and icon recognition with consumers. This mean you’ll come to mind first, ahead of competitors.

5. Apps can do more

Apps can be built to harness a number of capabilities that are specific to mobile phones, including location settings and push notifications. Push notifications are abbreviated messages that pop up on your customers’ phone screens to notify them of sales and other special events instantly. These have the potential to net sales more easily than emails and other, advertising methods, which may not even be opened until days later.

Apps can also work offline. There are fewer and fewer places in the world that don’t have Internet access, but they still exist, and customers may appreciate the chance to access your app’s features wherever they are.

When you consider the possibilities an app can offer, this development project is worth a look. More and more people are accessing all digital content on their phones instead of their computers. With the right app, your business can use the small screen for big results.

Dot Com Development offers free estimates, so if you would like advice as you decide whether your business needs a mobile app, please contact us today. We’ll also give you 10% off your first project.

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