Choosing the Right CMS for Your Business

Connecting with customers through your website is crucial to most modern businesses. The information you put on your website is something that will represent your brand and will change and grow with your company, so choosing the right CMS (content management system) can have a major impact on your business for years to come.

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Finding just the right CMS for your business is complicated. Three of the most popular CMS options—WordPress, Drupal and Joomla—are worth consideration and some research, but make sure you account for any drawbacks. These platforms constantly borrow the best features and become more user friendly and more capable and similar as time marches on. However, currently, these are the pros and cons of where each platform stands.

Top WordPress Developer WordPress

This CMS is very widespread so it must have something right. The WordPress website proudly proclaims that it is behind almost 30 percent of the content on the Internet today. But just because WordPress is the choice for many does not necessarily make it right for you.

WordPress is known for being very versatile and customizeable and a top WordPress developer can do it all in a snap. It is compatible with countless themes and plugins to help you build and maintain a website to be proud of. WordPress is also updated regularly to avoid security threats and has a huge support community that can become a big help to you.

However, the constant updates and vast selection of plug-ins can become a hinderance for WordPress. The more plugins you install, the more it can slow down your website’s performance. Updates are generally a good thing—and of course WordPress is not the only one to update often, for security reasons—but updates can cause your plugins, and thus your website, to crash. The more often updates happen, the greater the chances of a crash. That’s why its important to hire Dot Com Development as your top WordPress Developer today to avoid the common WP pitfalls and get you up and running right.

Top Drupal 8 Developer Drupal

Drupal is another popular alternative for building and maintaining a website. According to BuiltWith, Drupal is the CMS behind about 7 percent of the world’s websites. It has a reputation for being secure and scalable for any size of operation. It is also multilingual, which can come in handy for many types of businesses.

However, most consider Drupal harder to use and much more technical than WordPress. So if you were hoping to do it all yourself, Drupal is not the best option. Because of its relative complexity, Drupal is also known as being more capable and flexible than both Joomla and WordPress. Therefore, if you have a website that needs a fair amount of customization, Drupal might be worth a look.

Top Joomla Developer Joomla

Joomla is a multilingual, free, open-source CMS solution that is used by many. While generally considered to be easier to use than Drupal, Joomla has been criticized for having too many outdated plugins. Joomla also has been associated with many hacking attempts, at least according to CMS Critic. You also have to pay for a lot of themes and plugins available when using Joomla. Many of the other platforms offer several themes and plugins for free.

A lot of the questions about which CMS is best, comes down to what you need your website to do. You may want to just hire a CMS developer to build you a custom CMS. Or at the very least have a CMS developer use an open source solution or even a licensed CMS to build, expand, and maintain your website. Even if you are very motivated and have some time set aside, building your own website can get very complicated very quickly.

If you know you need a CMS but not sure which path to take, our analysts here at Dot Com Development can offer the insight and guidance you need. At the end of our consultation we will even offer up a comprehensive business proposal and project estimate free of charge.
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