How a Custom Web Application Can Help Your Business Grow

You probably think of an app as something you make for your customers. However, more and more companies are making apps for themselves, and business is booming. A custom web application can collect all or at least most of what your company does under one umbrella, ultimately saving you time and stress. It can also help you win more clients, especially if your competition is using inefficient, off-the-shelf software to do the same tasks as you are. Here are five things a customized web application allows you to do:

1. Get rid of monotonous tasks

It seems like there is always a snag, a step in every business, that forces some poor employee to bridge the gap between two applications. More often than not, it’s some tedious task which doesn’t require any skill, but takes a lot of time. It may be one of those in-between steps like cutting and pasting data from one program into another. A customized web app can remove that step by automating your most monotonous tasks.

91 percent of the most successful users agree that marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across channels.” For example, the right coding can ensure that data is entered once and goes everywhere it needs to go, automatically. And it can go way beyond data entry. Almost any task that your team does over and over again can be programmed by the right development team. Also, when you can automate the most tedious tasks, it frees up time for you to be worrying about what is most important: your customers.

2. Gain faster access to information

Custom web apps can free your staff by allowing them to access critical information from anywhere. That means less time waiting for folks to get back to their desks to complete tasks. They can log onto your custom web application and make a quick change or give an approval on their phone or tablet, from anywhere.

3. Get exactly what you pay for

Software can be like satellite TV: when you buy it prepackaged, you end up paying for a lot of features that you’ll never use and miss out on the ones you actually need. It is impossible for a canned program to meets all of your needs; more than 70 percent of companies have given up on finding one. If you pay to have a custom application crafted, you get only the features you and your staff actually need. (Your bottom line will thank you). Custom apps can also be built to integrate older systems. This means you do not have to switch between new and old programs in order to access historical data.

4. Protect yourself and your clients more easily

When you use well known, common software, people are going to exploit those well known, common weaknesses. When you’re able to oversee everything about your application, it’s much easier to secure your data and prevent hacking. It protects your company’s information and your clients’ information, giving you security in the online world.

5. Take out the uncertainty

Using off-the-shelf software involves a lot of uncertainty. You don’t know the exact ins and outs, you don’t know exactly how it was developed or how it works, and you don’t have the level of control you might want. But when you decide to develop or commission your own custom web app, it means you can update as often as you like. Anytime you see a problem or just want to change a process you can scale it to grow with your business. It’s yours for the long haul, come what may.

Dot Com Development has experience in building quality web applications that improve the efficiency of each client’s business. With an application designed specifically for your business, you will be able to automate many tasks. Wouldn’t it be nice to automate some of those tedious things your people currently do by hand. You will have a customized solution that is scalable so it can grow when your company grows. You will have something that is hacker-resistant but still allows employees remote access so everything can move faster. In short, you will have an app that works as hard as you do.

Contact Dot Com Development today for a free consultation about a customized web application for your organization, and get 10% off your first project!

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