App vs. Website—Which is Right for Your Business?

In 2016, mobile Internet usage surpassed desktop usage for the first time at 51.3 percent. With the Internet becoming increasingly more mobile, you’ve likely started to wonder whether your business should invest in a mobile app or a website. However, developing both an app and a great website can help grow a business, and both are ideal for businesses thinking about the future. Below we explore some of the benefits and limitations of each platform that you should take into consideration when making technology decisions for your company.

Bang for Each Buck: Mobile vs. Web Development

When it comes to deciding between a website and a mobile app, the question isn’t “Which one?” but rather “Which one first?” Websites may be a better starting point because they’re easier to develop and usually cost less than an app. You’ll also be able to re-use much of your website’s design for the app you eventually develop.

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However, an app might be the smarter choice if you have the right needs. For example, apps are great if you need location-based information from customers. Apps are generally more useful for your company’s specific needs, whereas a website is built to be more general. Apps also have the benefit of functioning offline, so your customers can access many features even when they don’t have cell service. A well-designed app can also help you build brand loyalty and recognition through customer loyalty programs, push notifications, and other conveniences.

App-titude: Mobile Development Considerations

Take time to decide on the right technology architecture type for your app. Looking at where your customers live—it makes a difference in how your customers will use your app. For example, if most of your customers live in countries where Android has greater market share than iOS, it might be cost-efficient to make an Android app first. Knowledgeable app developers like Dot Com Development will have insights to get you started and help you know which operating systems your customers are most likely using.

You’ll also want to research the behavior of your customers in relation to the app. Finding out how their eyes move around a cell phone screen as opposed to a fully-fledged website, how much they use their phone instead of a computer, and how much they use apps instead of simple web-browsing applications is crucial to having an app that works. Up your small-screen savvy by hiring developers that have experience making successful apps. Dot Com Delevopment can provide the research necessary to help you—and your customers—get the most out of your app.

Online Branding: Website Development Considerations

In your company’s first stages, it may have been sufficient for your website to be “good enough.” But “good enough” isn’t good for long. When the time comes to throw out your nephew’s design and get some professional developers on the case, there are a few things to think about.

One consideration is conversion rate optimization (or CRO). That is the process of getting visitors to your site to do what you want them to do—like making a purchase, entering contact information, etc. It is working to increase the percentage of site visitors that convert to actual customers. That can involve adding or subtracting pages in your current website, adding keywords that connect those searching for your product with you, and moving elements like buy buttons to different locations on your page. You can get the ball rolling for developers by identifying problems on your current website.

Your layout is just as important; according to Hubspot, “38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive,” so it’s essential that your team knows what you need. The Dot Com team values working with you and realizing your vision. Tell us which features on your own website are already working well, and which ones aren’t. Be ready to have a real an open discussion, and we can help your website come together just as you imagine.

Your Next Development Project

Both website redevelopment and app development can help grow a business. Start a development project by deciding which one is right for your organization at this juncture and then do your homework by thinking deeply about what you need to get from your app or new website.

Working together with developers to get the best results out of your next technology upgrade will lead to better profits and happier customers. At Dot Com, we understand all of the ins and outs of development, and will work with you to create the smoothest development process possible.

Contact Dot Com Development today to discuss your technology needs, and get 10% off your first project.

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