Picking the Right Android App Development Company

In 2016, Android captured 84.8 percent market share. For the most part, that makes choosing to develop an app for Android a no-brainer decision. The only difficult decision is whom to work with. Which Android app development company – out of the many available – can you trust with your brand?

Android App Development Company

This isn’t a matter of separating the good developers from the bad. This is a matter of finding the right developer. You want to find the Android app development company that fits your priorities and style and takes an interest in your business. Here are three ways to do just that.

Get your priorities straight

Before you can look for an Android app development company, you have to set your house in order. Decide what you are looking for in your app. Here are three main factors to consider:

Android App Development Company
  • Speed: We’d all prefer sooner rather than later. But do some hard thinking: how much time do you actually have? Set a reasonable and hard deadline that your developer will agree to in delivering a polished and professional app and narrow down your search to only those developers. If none can, you may need to ask about expediting development (but expect to pay more) or you may need to reconsider your expectations all together
  • Price: When you set a budget for your app, do your research. Android apps have unique costs, so budgeting will be different than it would be for an iOS application.
  • Quality: Don’t let speed or price take precedence when you make your decision. It doesn’t matter how fast they deliver or how little they charge: if a company delivers a bad product, you’re going to lose more time and money down the road. It might mean paying more or waiting longer, but quality needs to be your top priority.

Does the glove fit?

Would you hire an employee who didn’t mesh with your company culture? If you’re like Zappos, Buffer, Chipotle, or Disney, the answer is no. When employees share the same values as their company, business naturally improves. So why would you treat hiring an Android app development company any differently? The only real difference is that you’re hiring an entire firm’s worth of employees instead of one.

With that in mind, apply the same logic you apply to hire employees to evaluate a development company. What are their goals? Are they responsive? How well do they communicate? Do they need handholding or micromanagement by you the client, or can you trust them to make decisions independently and cooperatively? In short, do they match your company culture? Look at their mission statement and talk with former/current clients to find out.

Use Their Portfolio

Fortunately, a good Android app development company will be happy to show you their work. A quick glance at a company’s clients page can speak volumes. Either look for a custom development company that delivers high quality apps or one that has developed apps for businesses similar to yours. Either of those can usually hit the ground running and guarantee to get you a professionally polished and quality app to the Android Market faster.

A portfolio is more than a collection of client logos, though. It includes all the showcase quality work they’ve ever done, and you can experience it yourself. Download apps your target company has made and give them a whirl. How do they run? It the interface instinctive? Natural? If you find yourself enjoying the experience, chances are your customers will as well.

You can find the right Android app development company for you. Set your priorities first, then look for someone with the culture and portfolio to meet your needs. It will take legwork and patience, but so has building your business. If anyone can put in the time to get results, it’s you.

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